Ground Ginger

Ground Ginger


Ground ginger has a strong flavor - hot, strong and spicy. It is an excellent source of fiber and potassium and is a powerful ally to help speed up metabolism.

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about ginger

Ginger is a plant originally from Southeast Asia, and it was one of the most expensive spices in the region. With a differentiating smell, it also has immense health benefits.
This spice works very well, it enhances the flavor of food, both in savory and sweet dishes.

Origin: India


* From organic farming

May contain traces of: Celery and Mustard.

Our blend suggestion:

Golden Milk Blend

Golden Milk or in Portuguese, "golden milk" is a mixture of spices with a strong golden color that added to a vegetable drink or hot milk creates a drink with a unique flavor. Made from the combination of curcuma, ginger and cinnamon.

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