Especiarias Essentia


The Essentia was born from the dream of bringing people together through good food. Because if there's something that has the power to unite people, it's authentic flavors. Anywhere in the world and regardless of our culture or our traditions, people share the best moments through food full of flavor, made with love.

There's nothing better than having a full house. Receiving the family, our friends and gathering everyone at the table and sharing good food, with good hugs and good conversation. And what does good food need? In addition to good ingredients, it needs seasoning.

Our purpose

Our purpose is quite simple: to bring more flavour to people's daily lives, through spices, aromatic herbs, seeds and combinations of spices of unique quality and authentic taste. To make this possible, we rely on experienced producers, who put all their care and dedication into the grains and herbs they plant and harvest, in the most sustainable way possible, giving rise to our spices and aromatic herbs. We want to bring all our foodies the true essence of the most aromatic and tasty spices. Together we transform the art of cooking into unique moments.

What inspires us

Our inspiration? The people. Because cooking is about people and it's a symbol of love.

We are inspired by adventurers. Those who roll up their sleeves, combine spices and challenge themselves between pots and pans. We are inspired by nostalgia. Those who go to the chest look for family recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation, keeping memories and flavors alive. We are inspired by lovers. Those who put all their affection in their garden and give more flavor to their recipes with what nature reciprocates. We are inspired by smiles, hugs, the simple joy of being together at the table and sharing good food.

Cebolinho Essentia