Manifesto Essentia



Behind our entire project, there are four guiding lines that guide us along our path and define our entire essence. It's what we believe in that makes all the difference.

We Believe In...

- Transparency

In Essentia we want to be exactly what people expect of us. To do this, we try to bring what we promise to lovers of the best flavours: the most authentic of spices, the most surprising seasoning, the purest aromatic herbs and seeds.

- Preservation

Nature inspires us and brings us the best ingredients. That is why we must respect and protect it, contributing to a more promising future. As such, we support producers who identify with our vision and commit to planting and harvesting in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

- Authenticity

What makes a dish unique, apart from a little love, are good ingredients, with authentic taste. In order to put in our bottles all the authenticity of flavours and aromas of the purest spices and herbs, we try to maintain the quality standards to which we have always committed ourselves and which really make the difference.

- Irreverence

Authentic flavours and bold combinations of spices. If there is something fantastic, it is the art of combining spices and turning them into new flavours. Because that is what allows us to give a touch of irreverence to everyday recipes and bring more seasoning to everyone’s kitchen.

We believe that good food brings people together. And more than inspiring recipes, we want to inspire moments.


A little more about us...

The world is a fantastic place. That is why we try, through small steps, to contribute to the change we want to be and see. That is why sustainability is at the heart of our project. It could not be any other way. It is nature that allows us to find the purest and most incredible ingredients that give the soul to Essentia.

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