A spice with a warm, woody flavor with light nutty notes. Its taste is intense, so a small amount of the spice is enough to make your dishes rich in flavor.

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About Ground Nutmeg

Nutmeg comes from the tree with the same name, originating in the region of the Moluca archipelago. It is usually a spice used in sweet and sour dishes, sauces and desserts.
A spice known for its medicinal benefits, which help fight anxiety and depression.

Origin: Indonesia/ Sri Lanka/ India


* From organic farming

May contain traces of: Celery and Mustard.

Our suggestion:

Tandoori Blend

This blend can be used to add a special touch to meat, fish or vegetarian curries. It goes very well with tomato and potato sauces. In everyday life, it can be added to stews, grilled or roasted, giving them an exotic flavor profile.

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